Learn Apilado Style of Argentine Tango

Welcome to TangoApilado.com, a resource for tango dancers seeking a deeper, more sensual intimate embrace connection with their partners through the Apilado Embrace. Jonathan y Olivia teach Apilado (Milonguero) Style and Salon Milonguero Style, at various locations throughout the Bay Area in private, semi-private and group sessions where students receive quality personalized instruction in every class. During stage performances, Jonathan and Olivia incorporate a fusion of the Apilado (Milonguero), Salon and Nuevo styles. Learn to transition salon and nuevo movements to and from the apilado (milonguero) embrace and improve the depth and breadth of your tango. Jonathan y Olivia also host The Belrose Milonga in San Rafael, CA every Sunday afternoon. Please see our Classes and Milongas and join us soon!

Tango Apilado Embrace

Jonathan and Olivia demonstrate the apilado tango embrace facing each other and leaning forward on their forward axis, connected at the heart. The apilado or milonguero close embrace style of Argentine tango is demonstrated by Jonathan and Olivia in this performance at Viansa Winery.


"Experience the Feeling"

Jonathan and Olivia, Argentine tango instructors, teach an advanced level of body mechanics movement and technique. Together, they developed their method from a lifetime of training from varied backgrounds incorporating martial arts, music, Pilates, Gyrotonics, Gyrokinesis, ballet, and tango instruction under Carlos Gavito, Marcela Duran, Maria Plazzolla and other world class instructors.

Whether beginning or advanced, students of Jonathan and Olivia receive contemporaneous instruction focusing on detailed technique, perfecting the walk (from which all tango moves originate) breathing, pauses and the intimate close embrace in the salon milonguero apilado and nuevo styles with particular detail to internal and external nuances not perceptible to the third party observer.

About Us

Jonathan and Olivia performing at Union Square in San Francisco CA captured in a pose during their tango waltz exhibition, demonstrating clean lines and beautiful technique. Jonathan and Olivia demonstrate clean lines and technique in their Argentine tango performance at Union Square in San Francisco in support of Bay Area Tango, a non-profit tango organization, which promotes Argentine tango in the San Francisco Bay Area.

To quote Gavito: "To dance slowly and beautifully is the most difficult tango to dance well." This is because it requires excellent walking technique and balance to beautifully execute slow and sensual movements in the salon milonguero apilado style -- which incorporates the most sensual and intimate styles of close embrace Argentine tango. Jonathan and Olivia teach you these nuances and transform your tango into an aesthetic level that is beautiful, sensual and intimate. Gavito said: "You can't teach the feeling". Jonathan and Olivia teach you the technique that will give you the key to experience the feeling of being in another euphoric dimension while dancing even the most complex movements. Study with Jonathan and Olivia and learn the technique behind the intimate apilado close embrace. Experience a beautiful level of tango that you may not have previously imagined was possible.


Semi-private classes

For those who would like to enjoy the quality of instruction similar to a private lesson at a fraction of the cost, we are offering semi-private classes limited to a maximum of four students. Semi-private class locations are in San Francisco, Burlingame and San Rafael.